How to Practice Buddhism! (The Complete Guide)

the complete guide to the core philosophies of buddhism & how to practice them in daily life! this is the CORE of what you need to know to practice Buddhism, and to expand upon this video the rest of my videos on buddhism will be linked below! Enjoy – Koi

The 3 Jewels:
4 Noble Truths/Eightfold Path:
Karma & Reincarnation:
The 3 Poisons:

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  1. i am interested in buddhism but i’m not sure if it’s right for me. spirituality has always been whats resonated with me but the practices of buddhism are very interesting. could i practice witchcraft and still be buddhist? and could i believe in gods and still be buddhist? like greek gods and stuff?

  2. I’m a Christian, but I also want to practice some Buddhist practices, and maybe even Hindu (without worshiping their Gods) I just really like the teachings of those religions. 🙏

  3. You dont need to change your religion to be buddhist’ you just need to follow his lead.
    Gautam buddha never made the dead alive but he cured the living dead and the animal(monster) inside of people by knowledge and his endurance too.he didnt had and powers he was an ordinary man.
    Thanks loard buddha the light of the asia for spreading peace.

  4. I always need to come back to this video and remember these words and ideas. I keep trying to pursue things and label myself as something so I can feel a comforting sense of belonging. But I always end up feeling trapped and suffocated by words and their definitions/expectations and I bail. I even did this with Buddhism – I was under the impression I had to change who I was entirely – my introvertedness, my music, my clothing style, my natural liked and dislikes. But clearly I missed the whole point of Buddhism. And now that I’ve been on a massive personal journey and learnt a lot of lessons, I feel ready to start pursuing this again and to take and apply these teachings and my own lessons and make something personal, comfortable and freeing

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